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no more Campground Blues

The Onewheel is in now available at Bullyan RV in Duluth. Cruise around in style at the campground, down your street, or wherever your feet may take you. Your adventure starts here.

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Onewheel now available

Not only do we carry the RV of your dreams at our family-owned Duluth store, we also carry the perfect camping companion. 

We have both the Pint and XR Onewheel models available at our store and all the accessories to make your Onewheel truly yours.

Get your Onewheel in Duluth today!


It's time to travel with a new kind of vehicle. 

The small, compact design makes traveling from point A to point B that much easier. 

Our sales team is happy to help you find the perfect Onewheel in Duluth. Call our team and let us know what you're looking for!


Adventure Starts at Bullyan RV in Duluth